About AcesoftLabs

Today, the IT industry is fragmented customers are more competitive than ever and today's businesses want more for each service that they look at. AcesoftLabs is a focused partner with the ability to absorb challenges of each of its clients, our passion, expertise, commitment to perfection and the right size of the company makes us take every new challenge and constantly transform those challenges into new opportunities of business.

Acesoft Labs India Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified, mid-sized staffing and technology services company managed by a team of dedicated and talented professionals with global IT experience. We provide specialized IT services & solutions and provide the finest talent to meet the customer’s staffing requirements.

Our customer-centric model provides focus, commitment, and a dedicated team to help our customers achieve their business objectives. We offer an enriching experience to each of its clients in diverse industries.

We are your partner in Enabling Enterprise Excellence.

AcesoftLabs Team

Renuka Velamati
Managing Director

Renuka Velamati is the Managing Director of Acesoft Labs India Pvt Ltd, She hold a Master’s Degree from Manipal University and Bachelor of Science. Renuka Velamati carries over a decade experience in various roles in India and USA.

Renuka Velamati is responsible for the heading HR and Operations for Acesoft Labs India Pvt Ltd. Renuka Velamati also serves as a board member in few other startups and acts as advisors for several others. She is also an active participant in various NGO and social activities.

Advantage AcesoftLabs

Uniquely positioned in the market place – medium sized, but competence & processes maturity rivaling the larger IT companies

Long-standing relationships with Fortune 100 clients and large global IT companies.

Flat organization structure – highly empowered field force, rapid decision making, no labyrinth to cut through to get decisions – operational and policy.

Managed by professionals with global experience and the CEO based in India, easy access for policy decision making across time zones.

Highly focused approach to risk and issues management – pre-emptive approach to risk mitigation – processes tailored towards reduced people dependence.

Lateral hiring, ensuring all delivery teams with higher maturity levels – no “on-the-job” training at client cost.

Program management – all with extensive experience and understand cultural and communication needs for onsite, offsite as well as offshore engagements.

Innovation – a key element in every engagement – recorded and acknowledged success .

Dependable partner – countless instances of AcesoftLabs meeting client challenges and overcoming them.

Ability to invest in client relationships – continuous value generation over the engagement period.